About Incom

Innovation and Market Leadership

Incom is the world’s leading innovator in glass and polymer microstructures, enabling the vision of tomorrow with their ground breaking technologies. They have pioneered advanced technologies that support researchers, scientists, and instrument makers in the dental, medical, scientific, life sciences, homeland security, defense, and display industries.

The diverse applications of Incom products highlights their wide-ranging customization capabilities, from 32 cm square fiber optic glass faceplates to high resolution polymer based Nanoguide technology resolving 512 lp/mm.

The company was founded in 1971; its headquarters are in Charlton, MA. In 2012, Incom acquired Paradigm Optics of Vancouver, a move that facilitated its growth into polymer fiber optic devices and technology. The Incom East and Incom West staff currently consists of over 220 employees working in five facilities greater than 150,000 sq. ft.

Community Involvement

Since 1975, Incom has been a proud supporter of the United Way of Southbridge, Sturbridge, and Charlton. Incom employees play a vital role in the organization through board membership as well as an annual internal company campaign. By contributing to the United Way, Incom helps members of the local community who are in need of support services.