Infinity Tile

Infinity Tile

For the Display that Never Wants to End

Enabling the vision of tomorrow through borderless displays.

Incom’s Infinity Tiles utilize a revolutionary manufacturing process to produce a low magnification and low profile polymer fused fiber optic. This technology allows for an image to expand a small distance in order to bridge the area of a bezel around a display with controlled distortion and consistent transmission. These tiles are manufactured to your custom requirements, and can provide a way to array multiple displays creating a seamless imaging plane. With the use of their low cost and low weight polymer fiber optic materials, this novel Incom technology allows for commercial based application to tile large displays without seams and truly make possible a display without bezels.


  • Low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost


  • Holographic imaging
  • Augmented reality/Virtual reality
  • Flight simulation
  • Seamless display tiling

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