Enabling the vision of tomorrow through ultra-high resolution imaging.

Incom’s Nanoguide faceplates are the highest resolving image guide ever produced. They transfer images without pixilation from the input surface to the output surface with high uniformity, true color fidelity, and minimal distortion.

Nanoguide allows the highest resolving applications to utilize a low-weight polymer-based imaging optic. Its nanostructure is based upon waveguiding principles, but does not utilize total internal reflection the way fiber optics does. Although the image-transfer function is the same, Nanoguide is capable of much higher resolutions creating new possibilities for applications previously imagined but now realized.


  • Extremely high resolution
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made-to-order geometries, including curves
  • Scintillating versions
  • Available in fused flexible fiber and fused rigid plates
  • Available with magnification


  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Light field technology
  • Holographic displays
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging detectors
  • Endoscopy
  • Neutron Detection
  • Scintillators
  • Field flatteners

Using Industry Standard 1951 USAF Resolution Target

Fiber Optic Faceplate
Fiber Optic Plate

3 micron fibers and interstitial EMA

Number of Line Pairs/MM in 1951 USAF Resolution Target

Element Group Number
7 8 9
1 128 256 512
2 144 287 575
3 161 323 645
4 181 362
5 203 406
6 228 456