Polymer Capillary Tubing

Polymer Capillary Tubing

Enabling the Vision of Tomorrow Through Custom Microfluidic Handling

Incom’s polymer capillary tubing is available in a wide variety of sizes with many different materials types. Custom medical grade capillary tubes are also available and are manufactured from medical grade materials using a cleanroom-enclosed fiber optic draw tower. Incom’s unique manufacturing technique allows for a wide range of inside and outside dimensions and significantly smaller sizes than what is typically available commercially, with OD’s as small as 25μm.

The capillaries can be clear, flexible, and made in single or multi-hole designs with unique patterns and shapes to satisfy your specific needs. Their process is scalable and fully customizable to meet your individual requirements.

Our Unique Process

Our capillary tubing manufacturing process is similar to that of glass optical fiber, as we do not use extrusion. We start with a preform that has the geometry we want but scaled up in size; then we heat, stretch and draw it down to the final desired size. This process allows us to achieve tighter tolerances and make smaller diameter tubing than is possible through extrusion.

Custom Medical Grade Capillary Tubes


  • High open area ratio (up to 90%)
  • Custom wall thickness and designs, including thin-walled tubes
  • Pore/inner diameters of 25 μm and larger (smaller may be available depending on material type). Hole/pore size is selectable.
  • Wide variety of polymer material options to choose from.
  • Single hole / lumen plastic capillary tubing
  • Microbore, microtube and micro capillary tubing (also miniature and microtubing)
  • Multi-lumen or multiple hole / lumen plastic capillary tubes
  • Square tubing and other custom fabricated solutions


  • Microfluidic analysis
  • Liquid measurement
  • Liquid transfer
  • Gas chromatography
  • Capillary liquid chromatography
  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • Raman spectroscopy