Infinity SIM+

Infinity SIM+

Seamlessly Merging Multiple Displays

Enabling the vision of tomorrow with smooth transitions.

Incom’s Infinity SIM+ utilizes optical fiber biasing to bridge the gap between angled displays. By using this technology, the fiber optic imaging plane eliminates the seams and borders between the displays, creating one uninterrupted image. Infinity SIM+ also allows for a smooth transition from one display to another, supporting fixed eye relief. With the use of Incom’s low cost and low weight polymer fiber optic materials, these tiles are manufactured to your custom requirements. This novel technology enables commercial and military based simulators to have merged displays without seams and bezels, creating a seamless imaging plane, with a smooth transition between displays.


  • Low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Fixed eye relief
  • Seamless imaging plane


  • Flight / driving / training / construction / boating / military combat simulators
  • Multi-display tiling
Typical Simulator Display Setup
Simulator - Before Infinity SIM+
Simulator Display with Infinity SIM+
Simulator - After Infinity SIM+

How Infinity SIM+ Works

Eliminates Seams

Incom’s Infinity SIM+ eliminates the seam between two displays, and additionally, reduces the effect of seeing two angled displays.

Creates Fixed Eye Relief

This is a result of the sharp angle between the displays as opposed to the smooth transition created by the fiber optic pieces.

Simulator Display Top-Down View
Simulator Display Top-Down View